Please update base map data.

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    Although those data (country names) come from same source (openstreet)
    they are not the same in and in windy maps.

    P.S. there is no dispute between Greece and North Macedonia.


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    Yes I agree that this needs to be done more often. I had previously assumed that this was some type of automatic process, but this seems to not be the case.

    As a minimum, monthly updates would seem to be appropriate I think.

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    BTW a similar update should be made for small islands and small countries names.
    On Windy they are named by the main town (that nobody knows excepted people living there !)
    On Windy Maps and Outdoor map they are correctly labelled.
    So it should be possible on too?


    For example, the names of the Caribbean islands underlined in red should also appear on Windy.

    This question is not new:

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    @Gkikas-LGPZ @jmh2002 @idefix37
    Hello, I do agree with you, the update it needed and is planned for the near future.
    The process isn't unfortunately automatic and is quite demanding.

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    @idefix37 This is not so straightforward, because cities are considered as points and we show forecast for them. Islands are polygons and we do not have feature providing point forecast for polygons. I admit that it is doable task, but it is also exception that must be handled separately and with care. Some "quick solution" may lead to misunderstandings. Example: many islands have its main big city where most people live and it is tipically on the sea shore. Those people would like to see temperature for their home. But if we would show temperature of the central point of the island it can be something totally different, because many islands have conic shape (mountains) and the temperature on the hill top could be much different.
    One extreme example - Big Island of Hawaii, 7 degrees in island center, but 20 degrees in big cities.
    Screenshot 2020-03-24 at 17.06.47.png
    Yes, there are approaches to show both island name and reasonable forecast values, but it is not as easy as it may look.

  • Sailor

    I understand, but what I mean is just to show the island name at default zoom level (zoom level 5) when opening Windy, and only the towns when zooming in, if it's too difficult to have both island name and town names.
    In the example you gave, HAWAII,
    we see
    at zoom level 5 > Honolulu t°C
    at zoom level 6 > Honolulu t°C + 2 other towns t°C + HAWAII (in pale letters)
    at zoom level 7 > Honolulu t°C + 4 other towns t°C + HAWAII (in pale letters)
    at zoom level 8 > Honolulu t°C + 9 other towns t°C

    The only modification should be ...
    at zoom level 5 > HAWAII (in normal letters) Honolulu t°C

    I just find that more rational.

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    HAWAII (in pale letters) is shown because is the name of a state (like TEXAS, FLORIDA etc). States (of USA) are shown in the same way as Countries.
    TZ says "Islands are polygons ....".
    Countries are polygons too, but their names are shown correctly.
    IMO, I think island names must be "treated" the same way as Country names
    (to overcome the "problem").

  • Sailor

    My suggestion is also valid for countries names, not only for islands.
    For example at zoom level 5 for USA, I would prefer to have no town shown and states names be in stronger letters more easy to read, not so light, not so transparent. Sometime they are difficult to read. It’s not really a problem for me, but I imagine for those who are bad at geography.


  • @Gkikas-LGPZ Afaik. base map tiles and associated styles (including which admin level label should be displayed for each map scale), are only handled and generated by the OSM service, not by Windy itself; Windy just adds data overlays over OSM base maps...

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