• Hi all,

    After kicking myself for not making screenshots for the last few months, I was wondering if it would be possible to backtrack the data from december until now and when all the Covid-19 measures are over in the future. This would give an amazing look at the effects of a global shutdown of daily life and could function as a great basis for better environmental discussions, as it is obvious what the effects of our behaviour are.

    I have read through the forum posts about the options for continuous historic data, which I totally understand is not a viable option at the moment to save all the data, all the time. It is a shame, but there's isn't much you can do if it is too expensive to host the servers space needed. If it is possible for just this period, that would be epic though.

    Regardless, Windy is an amazing website and app, which has helped me so much on my travels! Keep up the amazing work you are doing!

  • Administrator

    Hi, thank you for you interest and we understand this would be interesting to compare, however as we mentioned before, we don't store any archive data.

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