High pressure over the north Atlantic

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    For the end of the week, the European model predicts a strong Atlantic ridge in the North Atlantic where we see more frequently low pressure fields.

    At 500hPa level, high geopotential of warm air should form a hot bubble with a typical omega ( Ω ) blocking between 2 cut-off-lows. Block (meteorology)

    The eastern side of the ridge should bring cold air from the polar region over northwestern Europe.

    photo: Windy; desc: Pressure; licence: cc

    Geopotential isolines and temperature at 500hPa - Customized colors

    This type of meridian air movements (warm air on the western side of the ridge and cold air on the eastern side) should continue next week. It is a normal process of exchanging air masses between tropical and polar regions.

    The weather is completely different from what we have experienced during the mild last winter in Europe, with a strong west-east flow linked to a very concentrated polar vortex. This one is currently more destructured, causing these anomalies.
    On Sunday, most of weather models forecast a strong anticyclone between Ireland and Iceland, with more than 1050 hPa which is quite unusual in this area.

    photo: Windy; desc: Pressure; licence: cc

    Pressure amsl - Sunday March 29 - Customized colors

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