About overlaying different types of data layers on maps

  • Would it be possible to overlay different types of data layers on Windy maps, which is not possible in current implementation for some data types?
    I mean, overlay together different data layers like satellite images with radar observations and/or ground observations or even model forecasts valid at same date/time.
    In current implementation, such layers are excluding each other when user selects one of them.

    I'm aware it could lead to too much overloaded, sophisticated weather maps; but as far as this should be under the responsibility of users, it would not be an issue.

    Depending on what each users expects to obtain, I think that such a feature would allow much more sophisticated analysis of conjoint available weather data at a given point in time.

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    Hello, in case of satellite, you can overlap it with points of interest such as Reported temperature, paragliding spots etc.
    Additionally you can also use the 'compare' feature, where you can see the differences between models -


  • @Korina I had already appreciated these features; what I meant here is about superposing synchronous raster maps (not point observations) e.g.:

    • satellite and radar images
    • surface temperature and clouds (CAPE) grids from same model
    • 2 surface temperature grids of a model, one rendered as color shading, the other as isolines
    • etc,

    as different data overlays on the same map; this is not possible in current implementation, where such data layers excludes each other.
    There are some professional applications (mainly for forecasters) which allow this, e.g. a public web sample here with temperature, radar and satellite grid layers on same map.

  • Sailor Moderator

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