windy API for "smaller" use cases?

  • Hello,

    the announced that there is a "Premium" package for 990 Euro/year available. This is a bit to pricey for a "private, personal-only" use-case (especially for students like me). Would it be possible to add an additional plan that is cheaper with only 500-1000 requests/day and only for non-commercial use cases? I'd love to use such a plan and pay for it on a monthly base but the premium plan is too much for my personal needs.

  • Administrator

    @barthelch Thank you for your feedback. We just launched a new API policy. So we would like to wait a while and collect some more feedback. But yes, it is possible, but not now.

  • @marked: thanks for your reply. May I ask how long you're going to collect feedback? (just a rough number when I should check out the pricing again would be helpful for me).

    Today, I read that the darksky weather platform (that includes an API as well) was bought by Apple and they announced that they are stopping the API support in 2021. It might be a good chance for windy to step in and fill this niche? :-)

  • Administrator

    @barthelch Try summer, but we cannot promise anything :-)

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