• I'm one of the users who will be part of the exodus from Dark Sky once Apple shuts down its Android/WearOS app, website, and API. There were two things which drove me to swearing by Dark Sky: the fact that it was an independent weather service (not owned by weather.com), and its fast/functional website.

    I love the commitment Windy has to strong privacy protections, and I love the fact that Windy is funded through donations. In fact, there are so many things about Windy for me to love, especially with all the details it has the Dark Sky never had. But right there is my problem: the way details are presented up front is overwhelming.

    This was one thing that Dark Sky did beautify, not overwhelming new users with details. It put the most important pieces of information front and center. Finer details were put off to the side, written in a smaller font size, initially hidden in accordion panels or behind "more details" buttons, etc. Windy.com pretty much does the opposite of this.

    Now, I understand that this app and website is used by professionals, so I'm not asking for the developers to dumb down this app, but I would love for the developers to better organize the information on the website and the apps to make it digestible to regular users.


    TLDR: windy.com could be a great alternative for those seeking alternatives to darksky.net, but the UI and UX makes it difficult for regular users. I understand that this website is used by professionals, so I'm not asking for it to be dumbed down, but I would love for it to adapt a more accommodating UI.


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