Winds to Gust up to 70 MPH in the Northeastern/Eastern US (First Article)

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    Before my article, I would like to say hello. This is my first article, so please leave any feedback about the format or pictures. Anything that would help you as the reader enjoy this better.

    Over the next 7-10 days, the US Northeastern will be battered with strong winds with gusts up to 70 MPH. The photo above was taken in New York which can show how powerful these winds have been.

    In the video, that I have provided, you can see the winds not only getting high in the northeast but in the southeast as well. Though, not as high or as frequent as the northeast, they have their spikes in the days ahead.

    I'm not sure about advisories or warnings at this time. If I see anything else update on this matter I will make sure to update this ASAP!

    Thank you for reading! Have a great day!

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