• Hello,
    I discovered today a new icon arrangement in my app.


    with these little icons on the lower right side of the screen giving access to a sidebar.
    I had this one before which is what I want to get back


    What happened? Didn't I miss something? Can someone help me?


  • Sailor Moderator

    The first screenshot is what you see on the app on smartphone or tablets.
    The second one is the layout when you use windy.com on your desktop. So if you don’t want to use the app, just get the website via your smartphone or tablet browser.

  • Helli idefix37,
    I had the second layout in my tablet app either until this week. Do you confirm this has changed since then?

  • Sailor Moderator

    Do you use an iOS or Android tablet?
    On my iOS tablet (iPad) I do not remember to have seen the desktop layout i.e. the second screenshot.
    Then I was wrong when saying that you can get this layout by using the browser instead the app. The only difference is that you have the left menu same as the desktop version.


  • @idefix37 said in New icon outline?:

    On my iOS tablet (iPad) I do not remember to have seen the desktop layout i.e. the second screenshot.

    This is what I wanted to vérify. I use an iPad as well and was quite sure that I never have seen before this layout. I even did a recent tuturial to some friends eager to use an met' app by using directly the iPadOS screen recorder. It shows these little icons directly overlayed on one side of the screen.
    But maybe I'm wrong.
    Nevertheless, I wanted to make sure there's not a button I missed intended to modify this interface.
    Thank you for your help

  • | Premium

    I am experiencing the exact same behavior on my iPad Pro (10.5). This iPad has enough real estate space to display the UI that the browser version does, so I’m not sure why you would change it.

  • Administrator

    @StemmeS10 @FlyingStef Hi, the mobile interface is also on iPad and tablets.

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