What to do if you can't access your Windy Premium features

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    Dear users,

    in case you are having issues activating your Windy Premium subscription, please follow the steps below:

    If you purchased on App Store or Google Store

    1. Make sure you have the newest version of Windy, go to App/Google store and check there is no update, if yes, update it

    2. Open Windy on a device, where you made the purchase, and log in with your Windy account, if you have not done so already

    3. Initiate a window with subscription offer -> go to menu -> Windy Premium or click on the 1h forecast button in the detail of a certain location

    4. Under the Monthly and Annual subscription options, you will find a button called 'Restore purchases'

    5. Click the button

    After clicking the button 'Restore purchases', you Windy Premium should be assigned to your account in case you have already bought it, but for some reason, it was not assigned.


    If even this results in error, check you have a stable internet connection and try again. In case, you are still having troubles, contact us at support@windy.com and we will fix it. Please prepare your username.

    If you subscribed via Desktop

    1. Go to desktop and log in with your Windy account

    2. Open the subscription offer window (e.g. click on the 1h forecast button in the detail of a certain location)

    3. Click on 'Restore purchases'

    3. On the next page, insert the subscription Order Reference code, you will find in your mail box


    If you purchased on a Huawei phone without Google Play

    1. Follow the instructions for the desktop

    In case this option fails, please let us know your username and email, you made the purchase with at support@windy.com.

  • @Korina
    works now, thank you for your help !

  • @Korina : why is it possible to purchase without a given username? And how to restore my purchase in this case?

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