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  • Could windy become a paid app

  • Administrator

    @USA-3 Hello, Windy is still a free app with all its functionalities. The only paid option is Windy Premium, which offers 1h forecast.

  • I mean that if there was a way to have a one time fee for this app.

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    Unfortunately a one time fee would be exactly that - only one time.

    But Windy's expenses are not only one time,, they are daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and all of those expenses will occur again next year too.

    In fact the expenses next year will probably be even higher, because Windy continues to be more popular, with more users (and more features added too), and this requires more infrastructure costs.

    If you like Windy please consider donating or subscribing to Windy Premium to show your support.

    Thank you :)

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    Yes, I'm a fan of Windy!
    To pay for it seems all right to me but, but 21 € a year for someone who use it every 2 or 3 days and would be interested by the weather within next hour… 10 € would be much more affordable to me (and certainly to much more others).
    Also, on the new update one must click twice to get the meteogram view instead of one before; it's a pity.
    Anyway, thanks to all of you for this great so app.

  • ... just try to compare to other similar web sites, e.g. MeteoBlue (I avoid they compute their own NWP and provide more info) or AccuWeather...

  • Administrator

    @Efcuse Hi, we also offer a monthly subscription, which is around 3EUR, therefore more affordable. Nevertheless, annual subscription price is already a much lower comparing with other apps. :)

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    Dear Korina,
    Many thanks for the reply.
    For sure it's not a lot of money but it is some anyway!!
    By the way, I tried several times in the past to donate with my PayPal account and it didn't work. I tried again today for a month trial and couldn't again.
    It seems the coordinates you got about my PP account are not up-to-date.
    I checked my account at my end and it seems alright.
    Please could you be kind enough to check on your side?
    All the best,

  • Administrator

    @Efcuse Hello, the PayPal option is currently disabled due to technical issues.
    But you can still pay with credit card or via App/Google Store.

    Please let me know if you need any assistance.

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    Dear Korina,
    At last I subscribed for one year!
    Three feedbacks:
    • With my smartphone I'm only able to pay with PayPal;
    • On your website (I have never been before) one can only pay with credit card — what I did as you recommended;
    • When paying on the website the amount of payment is noted as zero… that is to say I signed for an amount I don't know. Hope it's not 200$!!
    Anyway, thanks so much for your big help, all the best to all of you, take care,

  • Administrator

    @Efcuse Hi, thank you for subscribing!
    There is probably an option to pay via PayPal on Android phones, so it is correct. For the website, this option is disabled. You are currently on a 14 days trial, that is why the amount is 0$. In the confirmation email you can find when it ends and when you will be charged.

    Take care,

  • | Premium

    Thanks so much.
    Be happy.

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