In these challenging times, will stay free and without advertisement.

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    @ivo said in In these challenging times, will stay free and without advertisement.:

    BTW I have personally decided that one of my company will donate equivalent of 4 mil USD to help small Czech companies that were hit by the crisis. I do personally fly a small plane do distribute protective equipment to the hospitals.

    Thanks for all that you do @ivo

    A person's actions shows their true character.

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    @foxtrotuniform Hi, the announcement is on homepage, you see it only once when you open the app.

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    @676980698 said in In these challenging times, will stay free and without advertisement.:

    @ivo I am a student from China and should be your iron powder. I like windy very much. It gives me a lot of information. Unfortunately, I am a student and do n’t have any money to donate, but I still support windy. Believe windy

    Hi, thank you, any kind of support is greatly appreciated!

  • @Korina but we see it every time we open the app. It's annoying. Once read/clicked it should no longer appear.

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    @dyfs Hello, the articles serves as an announcement, that is why it is on HP. Anyway, if you open app and move the map or click somewhere, it instantly disappears.

  • If Ivo (Ivo Lukacovic) would not be the 16th ritches man in the Czech Republic I would consider it. But man - you have (something like google) and multiple other multi-milion income streams... What are you going to do with all that money?
    From this message I have a feeling that you are broke and Windy will die without support... I want more transparency and honesty!
    Then I will consider premium. .

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    @jpohorelicky Hi, Windy has been absolutely free for several years now, bringing a broad spectrum of new features every year for its users and creating a unique community of weather enthusiasts around the world. However as we gain more and more users, the costs of resources and infrastructure double every year, therefore we need to find sustainable income to keep going, such as every company needs to do. But as you can see, we didn't choose an option to make Windy a completely paid app nor we don't have any kind of advertisement like the majority of apps, instead we offer our contributors something extra and useful in return for their support.

  • 🇨🇦 Thank you .

  • I have a question. The ads are free for desktop or also the app without being premium? Thanks in advance!

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    You can check it by yourself. Do you see any ad in or in its app? They are free of advertising.

  • @ivo hi Ivo. I just discovered Windy and I think it's awesome! Not just for hikers and climbers but everything else. Just curious how much does it cost this app?

  • I agree with both @Korina and @jpohorelicky. Windy needs an income, as for any company. But Windy also needs to be more honest and transparent.
    "We've partnered with" -> "We paid a lot to acquire, as a clever strategic move".
    "The other Windy App stole our name" -> "The other Windy App exists since 2016. We decided to take the same name in 2017 because it sounds great. And now we say that we are the real Windy."
    "We need money for infrastructure" -> "We need money to pay for the data, the developers and the infrastructure."
    We you talk it sounds like Windy is a DIY project run by a small team of volunteers. No. Windy is a startup company with great ambitions, with at least 10 employees and with already multi-million € of capital funding (from Ivo, indeed).
    Anyway, there is nothing wrong about being a startup or offering a premium service, and you guys at Windy are doing a great job.

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    @Angel17 said in In these challenging times, will stay free and without advertisement.:

    I have a question. The ads are free for desktop or also the app without being premium? Thanks in advance!

    Hi, there are not ads whatsoever.

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    @nba Hello, I do not think there is something non-transparent in our communication. Windy has started as a DIY project of Ivo years ago. He had the idea and made it happen on his own and programmed the first version of Windy. Later he invited a few other colleagues to the project, but it was still a team of couple of people. Now, we are still a small team and we want to stay like that, we don't want to become a large company and loose the sense of what we do and what matters. Also, we stated, that the costs of infrastructure increase year by year, which is true and it is our biggest expense, so it is not a misinterpretation of any kind.

    I understand there are always a mixed feelings, when a paid service is presented, but as mentioned, Windy remains free.

    However it is important not to loose the message of this post, and it is to inform our users that COVID situation affected us and the launch itself too. Nevertheless, also to explain the background and reason for Windy Premium and how how our users may help.

  • Hi,

    Thanks windy for providing a great service.

    Now that there is a premium service has there been any consideration or are there any future plans to provide historical data?

  • @ivo can you restore a link for donations? Cannot find it anywhere. (Could be my myopia, but still) thanks and be safe!

  • Hi Ivo, thanks for the update. We have a saying ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’. Windy is the tool for us freedom living folk and made with that spirit. Windy is not just a weather app, it’s a community of like minded people that want to go see the world and play in its wonders. Yes, it’s challenging times. I subscribed to premium as I love what was already created, not the few extras. ( although I do love the hourly forecast feature especially Aromè service’ (maybe with 1k grin soon?) I hope you can keep the service going and I am sure there’s people out there saving lives more effectively as they can plan and co-ordinate trips with knowing what the environmental conditions are. Stay safe and at some stage I hope normal outdoor activities will be resumed soon.

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    @maartenp Hello, donations program has already ended. Instead, we launched Windy Premium.

  • Even a different breed of Storm Chasers appreciate this app. I am an Aurora Chaser here in Alaska, have tested so many weather apps, it is unreal. Arctic forecasting is incredibly difficult. This app allows me to build my own forecast, which guests benefit from. I cannot tell you how many people I have had install this app. It is such a lifesaver, in both literal and figurative. I go into areas of very deep cold (-40 or below), and knowing exactly what is going on is huge. Thanks! Subscribed to help keep you guys going! Stay safe, stay warm, stay healthy!

    "Aurora" Steve J. "Eagle" Vosberg

  • @Korina I know, but I highly recommend you reactivate that option. I have donated in the past and will donate again. I rarely if ever subscribe as most subscriptions will continue indefinitely.

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