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  • Hi, I bought Windy Premium for my iPad and it updated, allowing me to view 1hr forecasts. Every day I open Windy it defaults back to 3hr and when I toggle the 1hr back on it brings me to the subscription page and to get it back working I need to co firm my subscription again by logging into my Apple account. This happens every day, but is fine for the rest of the day. It seems as though it is failing to store the settings on my iPad (which is up to date on Versions) and needs to get them again. Can you look into this? If it cannot be resolved I will ask Apple for a refund. Thanks, James

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    @JGB007 Hello, you should not be asked to log into your Apple ID. Please try to close the app completely and open it again.

  • Korina, since yesterday morning it is now showing 1 hr forecasts as default. However, when I try to toggle it off it brings me to the Windy Premium subscription page. Also, when I try to access the 1 hr forecasts on my laptop, it slap brings me to the subscription page. If I select Restore Purchases it shows me the following: If you're having problems with your subscription and have paid via FastSpring, you can restore the purchase using the order reference. The reference looks like WINDY123456-1234-12345 and can be found in e-mails from FastSpring. I only received a confirmation of payment from Apple, there is no reference as shown above and no emails from FastSpring. Thanks, James

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    @JGB007 Hi, thank you for reporting this, we have found and fixed the issue. You should be able to access Premium on all platforms now without a need to restore.

  • I purchased the subscription on desktop through FastSpring but I did not received any information from as it should be... Maybe sth. wrong with e-mail adress?


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    @araki_ Hi, what email address did you use during the transaction? You should have received confirmation emails.

  • @Korina Hi, I think that's exactly the problem, maybe a spelling error during the purchase process (in the payment/ FastSpring environment)... There was no direct link with the windy-account-details to the FastSpring payment. But I'm not sure how to change the mailadress which is connected with FastSpring. The e-mail adress in is correct. Are you able to see the linkage between my windy account an FastSpring and change the e-mail adress?

  • @Korina said in windy premium:

    You should have receiv

    ...I dont' receive an confirmation email but i definitly use windy premium...

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    @araki_ What email did you use please?

  • @Korina Hi, send you a message

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