Menu plugins missing in menu on mobile

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    Plugins with hook: 'menu' in config.js display themselves in More layers (bottom right corner) so that they could be re-opened on desktop. However, they are missing there on mobile. Please list them there too for consistent user experience.

    Current 'menu' plugins (e.g. Airspaces) add a button to the UI which is an extra work for plugin authors and creates an inconsistent user experience.

    Also, there's a close button for lhpane on desktop but closing must be implemented manually on mobile. Please add a close button to mobile too.

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    Hi. The close button on the mobile lhpane disappeared a while ago.

    I add the following to bring it back:

    < div class="mobile-header">
            Your heading
            < div class="mh-closing-x iconfont clickable"  onclick="W.plugins['windy-plugin-name-of-plugin'].close()">}< /div>
    < /div>
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