Unable to select Meteoblue and Arome in Wind comparison

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    Wind comparison allows selecting ECMWF, GFS and Icon as primary but Arome and Meteoblue not. I see no reason for it as both Arome and Meteoblue could be selected as a model for the map. Arome even stays as primary when showing the wind comparison and it is then in this weird state that it's both selected and disabled:

    Screenshot from 2020-04-19 21-17-51.png

    Meteoblue couldn't be primary for an unknown reason. Could it be just because it's named NEMS in the model selection and Meteoblue in the Wind comparison? Please unify this, it's confusing.

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    Meteoblue is not NEMS. Those are two different datasets.

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    Then it's even more confusing because if I select NEMS model then it displays “NEMS4 model by meteoblue” watermark. It also doesn't explain why NEMS is not in the wind comparison but Meteoblue is.

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