wrong temp in upper left of android app

  • Here in ny the temp in upper left is now at 51 is always 5-6 degrees cooler that the correct temp 57 as shown by most other weather apps, myradat, google etc.

    It seems that the temp in upper left corner is only for ecmwf even though I change to nam.

    When I change to nam it shows the same correct temp @56 as the others in the day screen breakdown but when I go back to home the temp in the upper left corner is still 51 and has not changed and is low. This makes that app unusable for me since it does not allow a temp pushed up to the progress bar, I have to open it to see the temp and now I have to click more to see correct temp?

    What am I doing wrong?


  • I forgot to mention that I just upgraded hoping the 1 hr data instead of 3 hr might fix this but it didn't.

    also...how do I turn off/remove the letter form ivo on the screen?

  • Administrator

    @momorere Hi, thank you for your report, I have passed this to our development team.
    Regarding the article on the HP, it is only visible, when you open Windy or click on the home button.

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