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    I love this web site, thank you. One suggestion. I find reading your forecast panel difficult and time consuming. Would you consider providing an option to make the Basic forecasting display the data in graph form(see insert) instead of text. I can look at this graph and within seconds know the weather for the upcoming week. It is simple, clean and user friendly. Thank you.


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    @boisvert Hi, what do you find difficult specifically? After all, It is a matter of individual opinion.

  • Hi @Korina . I'm with @boisvert on this.
    I think the forecast could be displayed in a form that could be faster to read and understand. See the two screenshots for example. Both compare wind data of different forecast models for a specific location. First one is Windy, the other one is from meteoblue.com. Hard to argue against, in my opinion. ;-) So, please consider displaying wind data as a graph, too.
    One suggestion to even improve the example from meteoblue would be to be able to select a specific forecast model and see it as highlighted graph. That way I could quickly see that (for example) the black graph is ECMWF and green is GFS and so on.
    Great app anyway!! Keep going!! :-)

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    @Korina I'm a new subscriber as well. I agree with @boisvert that a view like the one presented would be beneficial. This is especially true on a phone, where a full screen image like that would be very readable.


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