Suppress or dismiss annoying persistent "News" and "Letters from..." banner on Android app

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    Similar to the request made in the post Persistent “News” banner, is there a way to suppress, block, opt-out or dismiss the "News" or "Letters from..." banner links on the Android application?

    The "News" banner takes up far too much screen space; combined with the absurdly large current conditions and four-day forecast banner, I lose 33% of viewable screen. Surprisingly, the banners don't show up on my desktop browser where I have ample screen space and they'd be less of an annoyance.

    I realize you're trying to engage your subscribers and users and I'll settle for being able to acknowledge the extraneous information once and manually dismiss it, never to be bothered again by that specific post. I pay for the app to check weather conditions at a few selected locations, not read warnings about weather conditions that are 1,000s of miles from my location and social media virtue signalling prattle.

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    @srynd Hi, these posts are articles and have a purpose to be informing about severe/extreme weather or important announcements from us such as the current HP article referring to Windy Premium. You see the post only when you open the app or click on the home button. If you move the map or even touch the screen again, it instantly vanishes, therefore I do not see it as a big problem, but it is a matter of personal opinion.

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