Creating API for TouchDesigner Software

  • Hello Windy Family,
    I am new here and want to use windy data API for my school project. I am using TouchDesigner software for this project and data will go here. So I have a question for creating API key. While I am creating an API key, it asks me about website or application ID; but I will use API on local software. How should I fill this section: Project Identification?

  • Administrator

    @visualanimal Project identification is basically for production usage. We have faced many abuses of our API in a production. We check the use of our API from time to time, but if your key would have like tens of requests per day, you can be sure we will ignore your key. If you want to be sure, write there e.g. "TouchDesigner Software school project".

  • Hi @marekd ,
    Thank You for your reply :)

  • TouchDesigner doesn’t have any built-in JSON parsing, so we’ll need to write some custom python go get the JSON data into a format that TouchDesigner can use.

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