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    Rain has arrived over the Mediterranean, bringing copious spring rainfall.

    This time, we can describe what’s currently going on, using a magnificent picture, coming from outer space and taken last night.

    photo: by Zoom Earth

    Here's a stunning view over our Continent, where we can see the low-pressure system that has reached the Mediterranean, called “Vera”.

    A row of clouds that draw a vortex around a low of 996hPa near the Sardinia, in the middle of the night light.

    Meanwhile, blue skies up north, thanks to a strong area of high pressure, called “Odilo”, that’s providing plenty of sunshine.

    photo: by Windy.com; desc: pressure; desc: cc

    As we can see the picture above, further rain is forecasted across the Mediterranean over the next few days, since the current system of low pressure is going to strengthen further.

    photo: by Skiron forecast; desc: dust concentration

    Moreover, a huge amount of fine dust, coming from the Sahara desert has been brought by the southern winds. Consequently, rain might be a mixture of water and sand which can give a weird yellowish colour in the sky.


    Paolo Saracino

    From Lecce, Italy. Follow me on Twitter

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    Beautiful picture!

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