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    I have been supporting Windy with a $4.99 monthly subscription on android for a number of months. I don't remember if that gets me anything except good karma.

    How does that connect to Windy Premium? I don't seem to be able to access the 1 hour forecasts right now. Getting Premium by dropping the $4.99 subscription and adding a $2.99 subscription feels like a bad way to show my support. Do I need both? Is there a way to get Premium while maintaining the karmic benefits of paying you more than 2.99/month?

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    @Tim-McL Hello, the 'old' subscription was a program called Windy donations and it was only for 1 year. Since it has ended, we have launched Windy Premium, which offers extra features in return for monthly support. Please see more info here - https://community.windy.com/topic/11841/in-these-challenging-times-windy-com-will-stay-free-and-without-advertisement

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    @Korina Thanks. I guess I didn't read the announcement carefully enough. Well, if all I can do is contribute less than I used to, then I guess that's how it is. Windy is wonderful, in any case!

    One of my uses for Windy is to see in advance which coming storms are just rain, and which have lightning. I'm a member of an equestrian co-op at the college where I teach. The horses can stay in the fields when it rains, but we need to get them back to the barn during thunderstorms. We used to wait until we heard thunder to rush out to the pastures, endangering both the horses and ourselves if we were too slow. Now we can see which coming storms have lightning, and we can move before it gets dangerous and frightening for the animals. So Windy isn't just for pilots. It's also for people with 4-legged ground transportation. Not your original usage model, but thank you!

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