Sandstorm in Egypt and some other parts of the middle east

  • A sudden sandstorm is expected to hit some parts of the middle east.Opera As you see, Egypt is the obligated main host of this storm. It is also expected a wind gust could reach 80 km\h in some parts of the country which include some inhabited areas like: Asyut,Al Minya, and Nekhel. This is storm will last for a nearly a day,but could cause severe damage to properties and affect the outdoor activities.

  • Sailor

    Windy shows it clearly with the Dust layer


  • For dust/sand storms forecast, I would recommend this WMO, specialized site.

  • Anyway,guys. I am suggesting creating an icon or icons to indicate sand or dust conditions in the forecasts and in the weather stations observations display.The sand is blowing in these areas and stations showing nothing except the strong wind.

  • Another scattered sandstorms, this time 3 storms in a row! two small are in Egypt and Algeria and a huge one is in Libya.Opera Opera Opera

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