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    Hello. I really enjoy using your site. Would you consider having a one off payment option rather than subscription. I am a regular paragliding /Paramotor pilot and find the site. extremely helpful but I would prefer to pay a one time only payment to access the full site.

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    @Highfly Hello, since we want to find sustainable income, one time payments would not work for us.

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    Hi @Korina , I understand perfectly and the reason for the purchase was to support the excellent work the Windy team offer us.
    Unfortunately, you partnered with a company which isn't exactly the same kind. They are software businessmen and do not care at all of the kind of people you and us are… Just in order to clarify my thought :

    • locking people in a subscription mode doesn't provide sustainable income… It's the opposite… moreover when the subscription is handled by a 3rd party…
    • it would be better to clarify that before the purchase and recall for renewal, showing all you efforts and need in support, some weeks before expiration. These contacts should come from your staff because I'm afraid that if you let your contact's database in the hands of those people, you'll lose the proximity, control of your words… and in the end the sustainable income. Your members get sustainable weather data and will be very happy to renew… but from you…
    • as an addition these people (that we do not know before being charged by them) are storing the payment method used and do not allow to remove it even if the subscription auto renewal is cancelled… That's not secure (nor fair)

    That said, I hope you'll appreciate this feedback of an absolute friend (and subscriber) in order to help at building the strong funding users group needed for such a great work.
    Thank you again for the good job and keep on running it.

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    @ScentStone Hi, thank you for your point of view.
    I would like to add a few things. FastSpring or App/Google Store are global service providers, and therefore if a company wants to offer a service to a global audience, you simply have to use a third party provider.

    I would not say we are locking people in subscription, they can cancel any time or pay the annual fee. And yes, you will be reminded before your annual subscription will end and start a new year of Premium. This is a standard procedure with any service.

    Before purchasing your subscription, you are informed that is it renewal service and receipt contains a date, when you will be charged again. Nevertheless, subscription is always renewal, so I would not say it is unclear in any way.

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    @Korina agree with highfly. Windy is great Autorepayment is shit. Reason for me to stop paying

  • Administrator

    @lamlash-0 Hello, if you don't want to be charged automatically, you can purchase annual subscription and cancel the automatic payment. :)

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