• I am a fan of windy - kudos to windy team for this excellent product.

    One question - where is Windy getting the 'current' wind speed values from ?

    I live in Seattle, WA, USA. The average wind speed right now is 10mph as shown in Wunderground as well as realistically looking outside.

    Windy is showing numbers like 0, 1, 3, 4 mph in many places, and in a few places the numbers seems realistic.

    The same thing happened last week when there were higher winds. I had to switch to wunderground to get more realistic wind speed numbers.
    ![0_1588270024095_Capture.PNG](Uploading 98%)

  • Capture.jpg

  • Afaik. https://www.wunderground.com/wundermap uses weather stations, i.e. observed wind speed values.
    If you compare these values to Windy values displayed for:

    • data layer named "reported wind" (your screenshot I guess): values should be the same for same UTC time / observing station... excepting if measure unit (knots, m/s, km/h, mph, etc.) is different. Moreover:
      • Windy displays wind speeds as values, and wind directions as arrows
      • Wunderground displays wind speed/direction via windbarb markers (values in circles are temperatures)
    • forecast models data layer (default): values couldn't match anyway...
  • Sailor Moderator

    Click on Reported wind bubbles to get information on weather stations shown by Windy.
    For example this one is the weather station of Renton municipal airport. However in the neighbourhood of Seattle there are a lot of MADIS weather stations. These are personal weather stations and giving sometime wrong wind speeds.



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