Choosing range of altitude displayed on airgram

  • Hi there!
    As a paraglider pilot, I'm usually not interested in the air above 6000 km or so when I'm looking at an airgram to plan a flight. I think it might be interesting to be able to cap the max. altitude shown so that the lower levels would occupy the entire space and show more detail. The data is already there, it would be a matter of re-rendering the image.
    I'm not sure what other soaring pilots may think of this.
    Thanks for everything, it's an awesome program!

  • Sailor Moderator

    You probably mean up to 6000m.
    Instead of Airgram you can use Sounding (click on right mouse button). It gives the forecast sounding for your location. Click on (+) to zoom to altitude range from ground up to 7500m.
    Then move the horizontal axis upward to get detail of wind direction and speed according to altitude.
    Using the time slider you get the change of these parameters at forecast steps.


  • Thanks for your reply @idefix37!
    I definitely mean that I am interested in the airmass below 6000m. I am talking soaring flight, without engines, and in the case of paragliders on aircraft that is little more than a plastic shopping bag with lots of strings. No O2 because we aren't allowed in Class A airspace, and I could go on and on but I'll leave it there.
    So for us the most important section of the sky is from the surface up to 3000m, and for some very good pilots or on some special days maybe up to 6000m.
    The coloured layers on the airgram help us judge instability of the airmass for the day and thus the potential for thermals and their strength, which could be understood as our engine, and thus as important to check before flight as a fuel gauge would be for a regular pilot.
    I hope this helps understand what I mean a bit better. :)

  • @idefix37 And yes, I read my post again and you're absolutely right. 6000 km is a bit excessive! :D

  • I found a strange workaround. It's not ideal, but if you select a couple of points and use the Route Planner, you can click on the VFR button and then it does exactly what I wanted. It shows the airgram only up to 3000m, plus terrain!!!
    Like I said, not ideal, especially for people who are used to checking the airgram at it's usual location, but it's there. Gotta love Windy!

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