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    First, this software is amazing. I immediately upgraded. Well done.

    Second, I am having a few issues and was hoping someone could help me:

    1hr Forecast toggle: This setting doesn't seem to save across sessions. It doesn't appear to save to the Cloud and the URL doesn't adjust based on the setting, so I can't just bookmark it. Can we change this? Is it a bug?

    Timeline forwarding: As the day progresses, it appears that the timeline doesn't shift. It stays in place and the little bug moves across the top to tell you where you are in the day. Since I have been with this service literally 1 hour, maybe it already does this at certain intervals, but could the timeline shift occur more regularly so that I don't see so much history as the day progresses?

    Thanks. Again, this is really top notch work, and I appreciate it.

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    @Skweetis Hi, what browser do you use? I do not have a problem with Chrome, once you switch to 1h forecast, it should stay that way even after reopening.

    We will have a look at the second point about timeline forwarding.

    Thank you,

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