New feature for Distance & planning: being able to add waypoint in the middle of the existing line, and link waypoint to a date

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    I was thinking that it would be great if we could easily edit a distance & planning.
    Currently, you can add 2 points on the map and if you want to add a third one, you need to add it after the number 2 and move the number 2 where you want.
    I was thinking it would be great to be able to right-click in the planning section to add a waypoint. see below.

    Screenshot small.png

    It would be even better if the first and last waypoint appear on the planning part too.
    Then by right-clicking on any waypoint you could link date and time to it because
    when planning a trip you can usually estimate the distance you cover in a period of time.
    Once this is done you can play the time or distance and see the weather you would gate at any point of your trip.

    Thank you very much for this great website, as a software engineer I appreciate the amount of work there is behind Windy, and I wanted to say congratulations to the team, you are doing an awesome job.
    Best regards,

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    Also saving those routes plannings could be a premium feature. In that case, you would probably not link a date but a duration from the start date, so that if you look at it a month later it's still relevant.
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  • You can add as many intermediate points as you want by just clicking directly on the route on map canvas; they are automatically inserted in the route plan on the bottom side.

    You can also save a route via Route Detail control (on the left side of the route plan panel); it has options Share, GPX, KML, Reverse Route.

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    @vsinceac thank you, I didn't knew about that :)

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