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  • Hello Windy friends, I have played with an idea that I had for improving the App, at least for me! I would love to see a merged layer group, of Wind, of Cloud, and Precipitation. How brilliant to be able adjust opacities too, but not essential. Here’s my pic of how it could look, though I think I have made it too muddy by setting the opacities wrongly. Love the App, will donate again once the weird times are over. Jonny


  • See this related topic. Combining any data overlays on maps is technically possible, while of course it would require implementing additional controls:

    • different rendering modes for each layers (e.g. values, color shading, color markers, isolines, wind barbs for wind etc.)
    • layer transparency
    • different available palettes for each raster data layer
    • show/hide layer
    • etc.

    As combining different data overlays on map my be tricky, it should be under users' responsibility to select only pertinent data and associated rendering mode.

  • Sailor

    Windy uses color scales to show the fields of wind, temperature, pressure ... Mixing 2 of these layers is already difficult, but 3 almost impossible. Except using symbols like barbs for wind, or dots for rain like in the cloud layer, or other symbols.

  • @idefix37 Thank you! Not too surprised.. what’s happening already is magic!

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