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    Hello Windy friends, I have played with an idea that I had for improving the App, at least for me! I would love to see a merged layer group, of Wind, of Cloud, and Precipitation. How brilliant to be able adjust opacities too, but not essential. Here’s my pic of how it could look, though I think I have made it too muddy by setting the opacities wrongly. Love the App, will donate again once the weird times are over. Jonny


  • See this related topic. Combining any data overlays on maps is technically possible, while of course it would require implementing additional controls:

    • different rendering modes for each layers (e.g. values, color shading, color markers, isolines, wind barbs for wind etc.)
    • layer transparency
    • different available palettes for each raster data layer
    • show/hide layer
    • etc.

    As combining different data overlays on map my be tricky, it should be under users' responsibility to select only pertinent data and associated rendering mode.

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    Windy uses color scales to show the fields of wind, temperature, pressure ... Mixing 2 of these layers is already difficult, but 3 almost impossible. Except using symbols like barbs for wind, or dots for rain like in the cloud layer, or other symbols.

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    @idefix37 Thank you! Not too surprised.. what’s happening already is magic!

  • Dear Windy. You have created an app that I know is creating significant environmental awareness. Almost every day I tell people about your literally stunning product. I wish to press you on the merge layers request as my desire is to "combine" layers such as aerosol, CO2, SO2, dust, NO2 to show areas of major polution. If we could make this historical then we have a major tool to reveil polution and spread awareness. This is you challeng my friends :-) together I hope we can make a difference. Maybe this can be done offline as an export of a set time.

  • Hi @m76543, thank you for your kind feedback and suggestion, we will take it into account for the future features :)

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