When switching models, the display value of selected layer (e.g. wind) is one-switch behind

  • When e.g. wind layer is selected (or clouds, ...) and forecast for a particular place is displayed, the value of the selected layer is displayed in the map (e.g. 180dg 2m/s). If I then switch meteo models, the map changes but the displayed value remains the same. After another switch, the displayed value changes but is always one model behind, which is confusing. Also, for some models (meteoblue) the displayed map shows the same as GFS, which is also confusing (there is no indication that the displayed data is actually GFS, therefore it is misleading for the user).

  • Nope, displayed values for a given point on the map change well (as expected) with currently selected forecast model (at least on the web application, in web browser on PC).
    Nevertheless, forecasts values of different models may still have some values, sometimes (especially when model computation is perfect on such a models...).

  • I can quite clearly demonstrate that they do not change correctly. I just cannot do a video at the moment, I'll try later.
    Also, try alternating between 3 meteo models and you will see that as you go from model 1->2->3->1->2->... the same model suddenly shows different value that it showed in the previous cycle.

    About the meteoblue bug in my original post - it seems that the map cannot show meteoblue info and shows either GFS of ECMWF (in my region) but there is not indication that the displayed map is not meteoblue, which is misleading and should be imho corrected.

  • Screenshots below, taken in less than one minute (no change on timebar), by selecting different models, show well different values for the same position on map.
    If you wouldn't get this, maybe your internet connection is slow or broken (queries are made to the server for each model selection)?
    Moreover, not all models are available in the models bar selection; the list depends on the currently displayed position and on the coverage of each model.

  • Three different values for ECMWF for the same location and time depending on which model was selected previously.


  • On desktop Chrome (latest), when you click the down arrow available as a control after selecting a point on map, the compared meteogram is displayed on the bottom side and the point marker changes to a pulsing circle (no more values are displayed for it on the map).
    Which web browser model/version do you use?

  • I am pretty sure it has nothing to do with internet connection or model availability - all three demonstrated models are well available at the location (ECMWF, ICON, GFS). Maybe this bug manifests itself only when you switch layers (wind / clouds etc.) or do something else, I don't know, but I noticed it long ago and for me it is annoying but I can imagine that many people do not even notice.

    The correct map display and METEOBLUE model also works for you? Try some european location, select eg. wind layer and switch between ECMWF-METEOBLUE-GFS-METEOBLUE-ECMWF-... do you see three different forecasts (colors of the map depending on wind speed)? I see only two, not meteoblue.

  • As shown of screenshots posted above, values are correctly displayed for ALL available models (including MeteoBlue).

  • "when you click the down arrow available as a control after selecting a point on map, the compared meteogram is displayed on the bottom side and the point marker changes to a pulsing circle (no more values are displayed for it on the map)."

    -- I am not quite sure what you mean. I use the latest chrome. I did not click on the map to select location (I can try) bu I chose the location from the search bar in the top-left corner (as one of the previously used locations).

  • I would rather let Windy support to analyze your issue (if any); from my pov. everything goes fine.

  • "As shown of screenshots posted above, values are correctly displayed for ALL models (including MeteoBlue)."

    -- you are right. Unfortunately I can post equal sequence of images that shows that meteoblue data is not displayed (I mean the whole map, not the one displayed number). Instead it displays GFS or ECMWF.

  • I repeat, models are only listed on UI when they apply to currently selected map coverage (as not all of them are global).

  • Ok. If I start windy, click on a map to select location and switch models in the bottom-right, it seems to work. If I then click on the yellow arrow to expand the bottom panel with meteo info, the value on the map disappears like you say, so I cannot compare. But if I start windy, go to the search bar in top-left, choose some previous location, the bottom meteo panel is expanded automatically but the value remains displayed on the map (unlike in the previous case). Now if I switch models using their labels below the meteo panel, the displayed value on the map gets confused - it may seem to work but you quickly discover that the values are wrong, because it is possible to get 2 different values for the same model depending on which model was selected previously. I am not sure I can give any more info to replicate the error. I can make a video of the whole process I guess, if anyone is interested. The same error is apparent which other layers (clouds) where different models often give different numbers so it is easily visible.

    yes, I know about model availability, bu I sense that meteoblue is in some ways special - for example it cannot be selected in the "meteogram" panel (instead of "basic")

  • Nope, MeteoBlue model can be well selected on meteogram:

    I apologize but I couldn't help more on this... You should wait for some more pertinent advice from Windy support.

  • I meant the "meteogram" info, what you show is "basic". My meteoblue is grayed out and cannot be selected, which probably is not a bug but led me to believe that it has something to do with why (for me) meteoblue is not displayed correctly on the forecast map (which I believe is a bug).

    Annotation 2020-05-07 145138.png

  • Sailor Moderator

    When you select NEMS for a layer on your screen, it shows NEMS model which is a model from Meteoblue (In fact an American model modified by Meteoblue). But in the Meteogram it is (probably) a different model called Meteoblue AI. So there are discrepancies between map and meteogram when selecting NEMS/METEOBLUE.... according to some explanation given by Meteoblue here:


  • On NEMS/MeteoBlue stuff, there is maybe kind of language abuse on Windy UI...; afaik.:

    • NEMS stands for "NOAA Environmental Modeling System"
    • MeteoBlue computes its pretty accurate local forecast model (numbers afrer "NEMS" are for coverage) from a mix of different models (including NOAA's NEMS model) and additional data sources (e.g. more accurate local topography)
  • Sailor Moderator

    There is no language abuse from Windy. Even if NOAA developed NEMS and uses it in GFS core, on Windy the data shown by NEMS layer are provided by Meteoblue.


  • @hookxs, you should maybe join this thread, where a guy (who knows well Windy :o))), says: "Meteoblue is not NEMS. Those are two different datasets"

  • Administrator

    @vsinceac @hookxs @idefix37 Hi there, I could replicate this and there seems to be some minor discrepancy. We will investigate. Thank you for reports!

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