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    As you know, spring is an intermediate season, in between winter and summer.
    For that reason, it can sometimes have in store quick change in pattern, showing us all its dynamism.

    photo: by Windy.com; desc: temperature; licence: cc

    Here's what will happen during the next few days across Europe that will be crossed by different air mass.

    photo: by Windy.com; desc: 850hPa temperature; licence: cc

    A gradual change will start tomorrow, when Arctic Maritime air mass starts to approach the British isles, bringing a sensible drop in temperatures during the next weekend.

    photo: by Wetterzentrale; desc: temp / rain forevast

    For example, the picture above shows us the sharp fall expected in London on Sunday. It seems that we’ll pass from the current mild temperatures to under average, decreasing even of 10 degrees.

    Obviously, the cold airflow, moving down, will bring two important consequences:

    photo: by Windy.com; desc: rain accumulation; licence:cc

    first, it will be able to create a deep low-pressure system over western Europe, in between France and Spain, where a severe worsening, according to the latest forecasts, is expected.

    On the other hand, the deep low, spinning in anti-clockwise, will start to push warm air from North Africa towards the eastern Mediterranean.

    In fact, from south Italy, moving along east Europe, there will be a sensible rise in temperatures. It might look like early summer for many of us, because temperatures might get up to summer values, especially along internal areas.

    photo: by Windy.com; desc: temperature; licence: cc

    Therefore, big contrasts are forecasted across Europe from next weekend, showing us the changeable aspect of spring.


    Paolo Saracino

    *From Lecce, Italy. Follow me on Twitter *

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