How to show temperature instead of wind when loading a map?

  • When launching a map, it always show the wind overlay. i would like to set the option or parameter to launch the map with temperature overlay.
    This is my current code:

    /* --------------- Windy Map API --------------- */
    let options = {};
    function windyMap(city, cityData) {
    options = {
    // Required: API key
    key: "xxxxxxxxxx",

      // Put additional console output
      verbose: true,
      // Optional: Initial state of the map
      city: city,
      lon: cityData.lon,
      zoom: 11,
    windyInit(options, windyCallBack);


    function windyCallBack(windyAPI) {
    console.log("windyAPI: ", windyAPI);
    // windyAPI is ready, and contain 'map', 'store',
    // 'picker' and other usefull stuff

    const { map } = windyAPI;
    // .map is instance of Leaflet map
      .setLatLng([, options.lon])


  • According to this post it wouldn't be possible.

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