Different update status between app and desktop?

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    I am getting a more current update status on my iOS version of Windy compared to my desktop - it seems like updates are reflected earlier in the iOS app than in the desktop browser version. The update status for ECMWF, for instance was just showing "50 minutes ago" on iOS but "10 hours ago at the same time opn my desktop. Is there something I need to do to correct or force the update on my desktop version? I am a subscribed user logged in to the desktop version using most current Firefox under most current Windows 10. I'm a road cyclist and I REALLY like your app - great ride planning tool. I never train without checking your app first.

  • Watch rather value of "Reference Time" instead of "Updated N hours ago". It better describes currently displayed model, as it corresponds to the model RUNTIME (when forecasts are computed in factory). Models are generally available to consumers (e.g. to Windy), a couple of hours AFTER the RUNTIME (see this related post).


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    Thank you, vsinceac. Very helpful.

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