"Then" Needs To Be Corrected To "Than"

  • I am using Cumulus MX to report to Windy. I keep getting this error in my logs:

    Windy Response: OK: SUCCESS (partial)
    'dateutc': value is greater then our now time (our time is used) dt = 0s;

    First, I am not sure why I am getting that error message. Second, than should be used instead of then. Than is for comparison. Then is for a continuation.

  • Why was this moved here from Bug Reports? The error message needs corrected from "then" to "than". Also, there is no error in the time as dt = 0s.

  • Administrator

    @NORVIN Hello, I moved this post here, since it is regarding Windy Stations.
    We will have a look at his issue.

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