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  • Hi,

    I used to have a set of alerts in windy, all labelled nicely on the map by name with an alarm bell symbol. Now they are all overlayed by a favourite heart symbol and the name is obscured by the generic region name of the favourite. The alert and the favourite seem to be linked somehow and now i can't read the location name on the map. I have attached a screenshot below. Is this a bug, or is it because i have converted my alerts to favourites or something strange like that?

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  • Tried your suggestion thanks siim but it didn't solve my problem - it just turns both favourites and alerts on or off together. I did work out how to do it though:

    Click on the favourite/alert symbol on the map.
    The favourite name will appear in the search box
    There will be a solid white heart next to the search box - click on it
    Select 'remove from favourites'
    The heart will turn from solid white to a white outline and your favourite (heart) icon will disappear from the map and leave the named alert (alarm bell) symbol there.


  • Sailor Moderator

    I get the same trouble as you, double labels on favorites which are also setup for alerts.
    To avoid this, I suggest that you save these location/spots as Alert but not as Favorite
    If you save them first as favorite and then set an alert for these favorites, you get the double labels.
    So clean off your list of favorites, and save your surfspots as Alert in the small pop up when you click on the heart next to the search box.

    Here is an example, where Bergen is a Favorite without setting up an alert, and a location at sea set as an Alert location. There is no double labelling

    Capture d’écran 2020-05-16 à 11.57.00.png

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