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    Update: 14th of May, 10:00 p.m.

    VongFong (Ambo) is moving westward across Samar Island with position 12.5N 123.6E and maximum sustained winds 74 km/h (065 KT) and gusts 92 km/h (080 KT). Typhoon has slightly weakened, however is still striking the island with extreme rainfall and typhoon-force winds.

    Typhoon should continue loosing its strength further with a position at 13.5N 122.3E in the next 12 hours.

    An estimated number of 200 000 people needs to be evacuated from their homes to avoid life-threatening flooding and landslides, but local authorities are already facing problems with finding shelters along with pandemic situation.

    Tropical typhoon VongFong

    Update: 14th of May
    Tropical typhoon VongFong with the current position near 12.2N 125.3E and maximum sustainable winds 185 km/h (100 KT) and gusts 231 km/h (125 KT) has arrived to Philippines.

    The upcoming movement is near 12.8N 123.7E with winds 166 km/h (090 KT) and gusts 203 km/h (110 KT) and going deeper into Bicol regions and Visayas in the next 24 hours. The predicted scenario is VongFong striking Luzon during the Friday night, the largest island of the country, with heavy rains.

    The situation is even more difficult since the country is under COVID 19 lockdown, so potential emergency efforts could be complicated by a strict social distancing of the evacuated citizens.

    photo: Windy.com; licence: cc

    Update: 13th of May
    The pacific typhoon season of 2020 has officially began, during the past few days a new tropical typhoon has developed in the Philippine Sea and was given an international name Vongfong, locally known as Ambo. The initial tropical depression was indicated on Sunday and progressed into Tropical Cyclone Formation Alert later on.

    The former tropical storm is likely to reach Philippines ports on Thursday 14th of May and will most likely affect the Catanduanes Island with heavy wind and rainfall.

    Vongfong is currently moving near 12.0N 128.5E with maximum sustainable winds 129 km/h (070 KT) and gusts 157 km/h (085 KT) with possibility of strenghtening as it gets closer to the northern ports.

    Warning for heavy rainfall, landslides and flooding has been issued for the affected areas. Wind threat can also cause corrupting electricity, knocking down trees and roadblocks.

    Tropical typhoon Vongfong


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    If we use "wind accumulation" for next 5 days
    we realize that ECMWF tracks it to Manila
    while GFS shows that the TC will pass just east of Luzon island.


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    P.S. Manila, although is the capital of the Philippines,
    is visible only if you go to zoom level 12 !!!

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    With the latest run, ECMWF and GFS are in good agreement.
    333a155d-ed84-4e45-9668-8ba7ae2f55e9-εικόνα.png ![0_1589401035859_d0cf07fc-cb74-44e4-b097-1b66474f6efb-εικόνα.png](Uploading 100%)

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    @Gkikas-LGPZ Thank you. It is definitely a bug. We will look at it as we get to rendering a new version of the labels.

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