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    Hello Windy!
    Please add a layer with warm and cold weather fronts. Is this expected in future versions?

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  • Windy only displays real time observations and values computed in weather forecast models, while fronts are not present in the latest.

    Fronts are only drawn by expert forecasters in very specific weather forecast messages (e.g. SIGWX), based on the human analysys of different data sources: deterministic and ensemble weather models, real time observations (SYNOP/TEMP/etc.), satellite remote sensing and even climatological data and local knowledge. Such a message is only provided by specialized regional or national weather centers and cannot be computed by algorythms with enough accuracy.

    Enter the keyword fronts in the Search control to get more info from community discussions related to this topic.

    See also this article, which says: Frontal analysis in modern forecasting is still a critical part of a forecaster’s toolkit, and not just because fronts are often associated with precipitation. Fronts can strongly impact local weather conditions via wind changes, convective forcing, turbulence and more. While many computer-based weather visualization packages can identify frontal zones on the large scale, they usually lack nuance in positioning of the front on the regional and local scales, which poses issues for short-range forecasting of all kinds, especially aviation. Additionally, a thorough examination of surface observations to create a hand-analysis of surface pressure systems and fronts, even if not truly completed “by hand” and instead in a 3D mental model space, allows the forecaster to become intimately familiar with the current weather in a way that examining a computer frontal analysis cannot. Situational awareness is gained, as well as conceptual awareness of synoptic processes, mesoscale processes, storm-scale processes and topographic influences that are interacting to create the “wiggles” one sometimes sees in a front’s position. These wiggles, or surges, can be caused by outflow from an MCS merging with the larger synoptic scale cold front, are sometimes powered by a secondary push of cold air that has mixed down from upper levels, and for other reasons. Although it takes more time up front in the forecast process, the knowledge gained from this analysis process often makes the rest of the forecast process go much faster - many extraneous pressure level charts of basic state variables can be skipped and the forecaster can go directly to regional and local scale variables of interest to address the forecast problems of day.

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    Windy visualizes only weather models data and these models are NOT able to draw fronts. They are drawn usually by meteorologists so there is no solution at the moment to display fronts on Windy.

  • They are drawn usually by meteorologists

    I would add just a remark about differences between meteorologists and forecasters: meteorologists study weather and its patterns, while weather forecasters provide predictions of what the weather will be in the future. Roughly, all forecasters are meteorologists, while not all meteorologists work as forecasters (the latest have additional, very specific skills).

    This could be seen like writers and poets: all of them are all writers, while not all writers are poets.

    As a language abuse, all TV presenters of weather spots are known as forecasters, while they usually aren't; they just share forecasts provided by specialized national or regional WMO centers.

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    To be named as "meteorologist"
    you must hold at least a Bachelor's Degree (usually MSc).

    TV presenters (weathermen) in many countries (Greece - my country- included!)
    abusively use the term "forecaster" for themselves.

    Unfortunately some people follow the "rule" that
    "you get to be whatever you say you are".

  • Yep, and the danger is trusting forecasts provided by not-forecasters (see Dr. Trump, who regularly provides worldwide, long range forecasts about everything :o)))

  • Moderator

    What's Dr. T's forecast for the next hurricane season? :)

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