Barometric pressure, "significant" change in 24 to 36 hours alert

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    A significant barometric pressure change up or down (> than 1.2) predicted or occurring (either or) within a 24 to 36 hour period.

    I suffer from severe headaches when this happens. Your site is the only reference site I can can look at to see the coming change or past changes.

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    Have you noticed that Meteogram for your location gives you the changes of the atmospheric pressure, in the form of a curve, with the main predicted maximum and minimum values? So at a glance you can see the sudden changes of forecast pressure.


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    Yes I have noticed this feature, but it requires daily checking. Not a strong suit of mine hahaha, was hoping for an alert of some kind. Even just a Text message like "Forecasted significant change in Barometric Pressure in next few (doesn't have to be specific # of days), then I can look to see if I need to prepare with analgesics before bed (I wake up way too often with pounding headaches)

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