• Meteorologist

    As we look forward to 2020 season, we must take a look at the East coast of Florida where the First Named storm of the season has arrived. Tropical Depression #1 Has strengthened into Tropical Storm Arthur, Here is the Current Stats on the storm:

    AL012020_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind.png Tropical Storm Arthur:
    WInds: 40mph
    Pressure: 1006mb
    Direction: NNE@13mph

    As the Arthur makes it way North it will encounter a blocking High Pressure causing it to change course towards the East. Otherwise the storm is Lopsided, As the days go on the storm will try to organize itself. Arthur is not really a threat to land due to the fact that a Strong area of Low Pressure is making its way toward the east coast. Updates will be posted when i am capable of posting them.

    Sources: National Hurricane Center and Tropical Tidbits

    Disclaimer- I do not own any of the information above i am only a Reporter on it, All Info is credited to the National Hurricane Center

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