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    Hi Windy team,

    I'm in Australia and love using the Windy service along side our BoM - Meteye service (which I know licensing fee costs make it unavailable to Windy service).

    My suggestion is to add another model service to the Windy region of Australia.

    Could you please add ICON to go with ECMWF & GFS?

    I see that ICON is available for Europe (probably only regionally license) when I scroll over the area.

    I understand that ICON has a globe resolution 13km which is better then the GFS resolution.

    I'm not sure of licensing fees for global ICON so I understand if this idea gets rejected.

    Thanks again for everything :)

  • Afaik. ICON model data is provided by DWD in grids with 7 km resolution for Europe and 13 km for global coverage (see here).
    Actually, full data contained in a global models is pretty huge even for models like GFS 0.25° (grids of 25 km resolution).

    Providing worldwide forecasts with grids of 13 km resolution would require huge resources, too...

    Moreover, grids of ICON model are provided with kind of "dual hexagonal" (triangular) cells; each grid should be then converted to square cells (for map rendering purpose), which also require hard computation.

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