• Sometime ago, Windy maps had a 3D mode, that was more or less free of the restrictions associated with the map projection.
    Then this mode was removed for technical reasons.

    Is a future implementation of 3D mode on maps still planned?

    I'm asking this because some planned flight routes have wrong rendering on current Windy maps which use projection EPSG:900913: the latest is not defined for latitudes 15° around N/S Poles, while some long flights cross those areas.
    Or well, will be there other map projections available in the future (e.g. Polar), which would get rid of such a restriction?

  • Administrator

    @vsinceac Hi, 3D mode is planned and in development, however we cannot say the exact date of release.

  • Many thanks, I'm happy to know that 3D maps are still on Windy's road map!

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