Hourly Forecast with differences to standard Forecast

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    Hi. I would like to know why I get a different forecast when I use the 1 hour premium forecast. As you can see here, the common 3 hour forecast show that there will be little rain today:


    But according to the 1 hour forecast, there will be no rain today.


    I had similar experience in the last days. Is this the result of some rounding, which is maybe used for the 3 hour forecast?

  • Sailor Moderator

    0.2mm during the last 3 hours, it means less 0.1 mm per hour if uniformly spread during the 3 hours. So the 1h rain forecast is quite consistent as values less of 0.1mm are not shown.

  • Sailor Moderator

    And as a counter-example, here 0.3mm are shown both for 3h and 1h forecast steps because this amount is forecast during one hour only, between 9h and 10h (in the last hour as explained here)



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