• Hello Windy people,
    I have tried to follow the instructions as best I can to have my Davis Vantage Pro2 station contribute data. I use Weatherlink. I managed to get the key and station ID to work, Yet when I click on the 'show my station in windy' tab, I get taken to the windy page, the station ID appears in the upper left corner, but only a spinning circle where the data would normally show. The station ID is: f07b49ba
    What have I missed, or done wrong?
    Thanks, Alan

  • Administrator

    @Allumbria Hello, see the related post here - Sending data from Weatherlink

  • Hello Korina, and than you for the reply.

    I can now see the station (f07b49ba) on Windy, and some data, however only wind direction is appearing. It seems I had to tell weatherlink using the setup menu(s) to upload data, using one or more files. This appears to have helped the station appear on Windy, but I am now looking for someone who may know or guidance about the exact setup steps I may need to take within weatherlink to get the data flowing to Windy. I suspect it is in the internet configuration setup somewhere. There is an option ot upload an APRS report, but I need a call sign it seems.
    Any ideas woudl be gratefully received. Thanks,

  • Administrator

    @Allumbria Hello, you need additional software to be able to send data to us, you station is not appearing on Windy. I suggest you to run WifiLogger.

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