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    While watching the forecast for the days ahead, I have to dart my eyes back and forth between the timeline and the loc of interest.

    • Can there be a playback setting that will animate for chunks of time, like 3 or 6 hours, or 1 day increments?
    • Audio during playback would be helpful. Ex.: "Monday, zero hour, three, six, hine, noon, fifteen, eighteen, twenty one, Tuesday..."

  • Implementing audio should be of course doable technically, while it would be pretty boring in practice (e.g. for i18n reasons).

    At least on PC, left/right keyboard keys allows you blindly navigating within the time bar range (one key press for one time step), while keeping your attention focused on the area of interest on the map; the latest can be also moved (zoom in/out, drag&drop), in order to get it just above/near the time bar.

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