App defaults possible? Pro subscription.

  • I like to look at the hourly view with metro graph as my default. When the app is closed for a while and I go back in, it defaults to 3 hour view and basic graph. Is there a way to save my default start view. Sorry if this is obvious and in just missing it. If not, could it be a feature request maybe?
    Love the app. Thanks!!

  • Administrator

    @mcgon Hello, what do you mean by 'metro graph' please? Default view is always Wind map with model ECMWF and it cannot be changed.

  • Sailor

    "metro graph" probably means Meteogram :)
    With Premium subscription, @mcgon would like to keep 1h step forecast as default when he opens Meteogram instead of 3h.
    Personally I don’t have this issue and my setting is still 1h, until I modify it to 3h, both with iOS app and with Chrome.

  • Sailor

    Personally I don’t have this issue with the iOS app and setting is still 1h, until I modify it to 3h, but now on desktop with Chrome the default setting is 3h and need to change each time to 1h if needed. Just a small glitch for me.

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