Default settings

  • I am logged in and subscribed as premium.
    The following settings don't stay to my preference when you open the app.

    Forecast Model defaults to ECMWF when i wish to select NAM

    The surface setting defaults to surface when I desire 3000m

    The “display as” for the forecast defaults to basic when I desire Airgram.

    When flying and using siri to switch between apps to be hands free. It is time consuming to reset the settings every time you open the app.

    Hi was hoping premium would fix these issues but it doesn't.


  • See this related post about default data layers and the reasons the UI forces them

  • Administrator

    @kaipeterg Hello, customisable things are only in settings, weather models or layers cannot be modified. Default layer is Wind with ECMWF model. Windy Premium offers 1 hour forecast instead of 3 hour blocks.

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