• Hi,

    Getting some strange stuttering of the wind animations.

    Error console reads as follows:

    "timestamp": 1590312510173,
    "runningMs": 925,
    "type": "error",
    "msg": "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property 'install' of undefined: Cannot set property 'install' of undefined",
    "line": 1,
    "col": 84,
    "url": "https://www.windy.com/?-32.090,116.908,9",
    "script": "?-32.090,116.908,9",
    "ver": "25.0.0",
    "target": "index",
    "stack": "TypeError: Cannot set property 'install' of undefined
    at :1:84
    at :1:91",
    "deviceID": "673ce2f7-b3f5-679c-42f9-10e0ee3b17c7",
    "error": " {
    "stack": "TypeError: Cannot set property 'install' of undefined
    at :1:84
    at :1:91",
    "message": "Cannot set property 'install' of undefined"
    "isOnline": true,
    "scriptLine": "320901-1",
    "latestBcast": "bcast: pluginOpened hp-weather (144ms ago at 1590312510029)
    bcast: pluginOpened patch (144ms ago at 1590312510029)
    bcast: pluginOpened rhpane (143ms ago at 1590312510030)
    bcast: redrawFinished (5ms ago at 1590312510168)
    bcast: uiChanged (3ms ago at 1590312510170)",
    "sessionName": "au-2",
    "sessionCounter": 2,
    "lang": "en",
    "retina": true,
    "size": "2560x1440",
    "glParticles": true,
    "platform": "desktop",
    "errorID": "uncaught-typeerror-cannot-set-property-install-of-undefin"

  • Administrator

    @taylor-benjamin1 Hello, are you only getting errors or do you also have some animation problems?

  • Just the stuttering problem, no other problems or errors have been logged.


  • Administrator

    @taylor-benjamin1 Hello, what do you mean by 'stuttering'? Please also let me know which browser you use.

  • Ok sure.

    It's a bit like the wind trails are slow and 'sticky'. A bit like running a new program on a very old PC. Like it's taking time to load, then things move, then load again.

    I'm using Chrome.

  • Administrator

    @taylor-benjamin1 And do you have the newest version of Chrome? Furthermore, you should have WebGL option turned on in the settings.

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