Why are airport meteograms different and only forecast the next ~5 days?

  • When a user enters a city in Windy, you get a full 10 day meteogram.

    Screen Shot 2020-05-28 at 4.02.30 PM.png

    However, when entering an airport, the UI is totally different (it's shown on the left sidebar) and the meteogram is only shows predictions for the next ~5 days.


    I can select a point 1m away from the airport and get the full meteogram, but if it's the airport itself, then the prediction is much more limited. In both cases I have the ECMWF model selected. It's exactly the same data: why is the airport meteogram so different?

  • Hi @dchouinard, METAR is predominantly used by aircraft pilots and it shows info about airports. Data are provided by airports.
    If you want to see weather forecast for this location, you can just check Meteograms :)

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