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    Hi guys!

    Windy is a really great app. I love especially the integration of meteorological data coming from various sources.

    I run the app on iOS and I would be happy for following enhancements:

    • Own setting of animation speed for historical as well as forecasted data. Current animation speed is too high for me I need to assess every step so I would appreciate to slow down up to 2-3 sec per frame.

    • Animation of frames change It could be fade-out old and fade-in new in a reasonable rate, e.g. animation speed/4 for whole cycle. It might improve understandability of the change.

    Anyway thanks for the great app :-)

    Best regards, Jan

  • Hi @jan-janik thank you for your suggestions :) Right now you can adjust animation speed when looking at Weather Radar. You can choose between 3 speed options.

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