Why not a more complete *About Windy* online doc?

  • Looking at all these community posts, most of which ask the same questions over and over again (e.g. about false issues, historical data, default data layers, poorly crafted satellite images, map errors, etc.), I wonder if implementing a concise summary document, accessible online on Windy.com UI, could serve as an official definitive answer to all those holy questions (and much better than community answers)?

    I think such an About online doc, as short and concise as possible, would get rid of many repetitive remarks raised by users. Of course this requires some effort to implement then to maintain it, but at the end it should be cheaper than the effort currently spent by the community, then finally more useful to final users.

  • Moderator Mariners - Seafarers Sailor

    I already started that in a small way on the FAQ thread by adding sticky posts there, but it can certainly be expanded much further.

    And I think it is valuable to have standard Windy answers to many questions, instead of ad hoc replies which end up being slightly different each time.

    As much as possible I try to refer to the FAQ or original threads to help provide these standard replies to questions.

  • I've already remarked the FAQ, but obviously it is not enough, many users still ignore it...

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