• Somebody noticed the last issue, and an update even came out, but these problems still aren't fixed. So, I'll post it again.

    The mobile Windy.com app and widgets has two problems:

    1.) It crashes over and over again. How to reproduce is just to go in the app and normally use it. It'll crash for no reason at all. It doesn't even crash, matter of fact, as my phone doesn't even detect these. And I never had this problem while using Windy.com in the Chrome browser.

    2.) Widget have problems loading and don't update. If it makes any difference, I use the ECMWF model.

    A temporary fix is to uninstall and reinstall the app, but the fix lasts less than an hour. Another temporary fix for problem one is just to use Windy.com in the Chrome app.

    In case you need them, here are my device specs:
    ▪︎Samsung Galaxy A20
    ▪︎Android 9/OneUI 1.1 (We've should've actually got Android 10/OneUI 2.0 this May, but Samsung just being stupid again)
    ▪︎3GB RAM
    ▪︎Exynos 8871 or some like that

  • Hi @AngelPandaEarth you can also try to go to Settings > Applications > Windy > Clear data/Clear cache. You can try both options. As for widgets, we are aware of this problem and working on it.

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