Still receiving Alert notifications, days after removing all favorites

  • I removed all my favorites about a couple of weeks ago (via Web UI, don't remember the day), and still received Alert notifications by e-mail a test I made. Since then, Favorites list is empty on my session UI. It appears configured alerts would remain enabled after removing corresponding favorite, while user cannot reach no more the Alert settings panel via Windy UI.

    I also tried, a couple of days ago, to click "unsubscribe this alert" link on a received e-mails; this is also a fastidious action, as that link on the bottom part of the e-mail is hidden by default on major E-Mail clients (e.g. on Outlook, as not safe enough).

    I wonder why the Alerts panel couldn't be reached directly on Windy UI, without any action required via links on received e-mails.
    Case study: a WIndy user sets an Alert for the e-mail address of his old mother who is NOT a windy user. How could the user remove this alert after removing the corresponing favorite? I think he couldn't do it otherwise than asking his mother to forward the e-mail, then clicking himself the "Unsubscribe" link...

    Or did I missed something?


  • Hello @vsinceac Go to your alert email and click on 'Edit / Unsubscribe this alert. It will take you to the specific alert where you can delete it. If the problem remains, send us ID of alert you want to delete :)

    delete alert.png

  • @petra-pik Many thanks, I've already used the e-mail link. Actually I was not complaining about e-mails I received.
    I just tried to emphasize cases were, in current implementation, removing Alerts could be fastidious in practice.
    As I saw there are other posts on same subject, I think all these cases could be resolved if new, dedicated Alerts Management would be available on UI.

  • @petra-pik

    But we can’t see the alert ID after it’s been deleted.

    We just keep receiving annoying pop ups with no reference to the alert code or whatever.

    You guys need to just purge all the old alerts from your system. Many alerts that have been deleted from
    The UI are still running and can’t be stopped.

    I would very much appreciate a refund on my account because I have to delete Windy from all my devices to stop these annoying dead alerts.

  • Administrator

    @sierahoteel Go to Menu -> Settings -> Remove all data from this device

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